Based on J.G. Ballard's Concrete Island

As we drive across a motorway intersection, through the  elaborately signalled landscape that seems to anticipate every possible hazard, we glimpse triangles of waste ground screened off by a steep embankment. What would happen if, by some freak mischance, we suffered a blow-out and plunged over the guard-rail onto a forgotten island of rubble and weeds, out of sight of the surveillance of the cameras? 

Collaboration Between:  Mhz and V/DA

AV/ Sound/ Set Design: Dav Bernard

Performance/ Choreography: Mele Broomes

Direction/ Costumes: Bex Anson

Produced by Feral Arts

"Spiky show of arms and legs, draped with video projection, both powerful and desperate"★  ★  ★  ★The Skinny

"VOID assails you, unnerves you on many levels with Broomes unstintingly at the heart of the risk-taking ★★★★" The Herald

For more information and booking go to www.void.org.uk

Supported by Creative Scotland, Tramway, Citymoves, Dance Base, Dance House and The Work Room.  

Images by Jack Wrigley