Winner of Total Theatre Award In Association with The Place

Edinburgh Fringe 2018

V/DA & MHz production

In association with Feral

VOID reimagines JG Ballard’s cult novel Concrete Island through the lens of a black female protagonist - staged as a meshing of experimental dance and abstract glitch video landscapes. Blending typically Ballardian themes of liminal spaces and urban paranoia with contemporary theories from radical identity studies, Mele Broomes performs risk taking choreography to the backdrop of an industrial soundscape.

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AV/ Sound/ Set Design: Dav Bernard

Performance/ Choreography: Mele Broomes

Performance Direction/ Costumes: Bex Anson

Character and Concept Consultant - Ashanti Harris & Adura Onashile

Dramaturg: Lou Cope

Produced by Feral Arts


For more information and booking go to www.void.org.uk


Supported by Made in Scotland, Creative Scotland, Tramway, Citymoves, Dance Base, Dance House and The Work Room.  

Images by Jack Wrigley