★★★★ The List

“V/DA show is an inventive and beautiful piece of dance theatre” Sonic Sènance Take Me Somewhere Festival 2019

The List Magazine

V/DA's Sonic Séance 'emerges as an expression of anger against the dominance of colonialist narratives' by Deborah Chu

The Skinny - Mele Broomes on Sonic Sèance 2019

★★★★★ Broadway Baby

"Void replaces Ballard's white male protagonist with a black female one, and this shift brings the 40-year-old story right into the present day. Instead of a tragic figure trapped in the the amoral technological jungle of modernity, we see a desperate figure outside the system, trying to break in through the layers of privilege, patriarchy and institutional racism." VOID Edinburgh Fringe 2018


★★★★★ The Wee Review

“Broomes is elegant, stiff; undulating, and jagged…Hers is intelligent choreography informed of its own history and devoid of pretentiousness or self-consciousness.” VOID Edinburgh Fringe 2018


★★★★ The Guardian/Sunday Observer

"Punchy, intimate dance...Broomes has taken Ballard’s modern-day Robinson Crusoe and replaced him with a black woman, whose desperate attempts to adjust to terrifying and alien circumstances are revealed as a metaphor for the immigrant experience." VOID Edinburgh Fringe 2018


★★★★ British Theatre Guide

"Great credit goes to the dynamic Broomes, who generously turns herself upside down, literally and figuratively, to articulate the emergence of new ways of being, grounded in authenic experience" VOID Edinburgh Fringe 2018


★★★★  Fest Mag

"Powerful multimedia dance-theatre disturbs the senses and the status quo...Void is an inescapably powerful piece of work, both in its message and its sense-jangling form." VOID Edinburgh Fringe 2018

The List Magazine - VOID Edinburgh Fringe 2018

Into the VOID: 'Colonialism is this mental disturbance by Deborah Chu


★★★★ The Skinny

"Spiky show of arms and legs, draped with video projection, both powerful and desperate" VOID Dance International Glasgow 2017

The Tempohouse - Lorna Irvine

"Grins all round, the very epitome of exuberance and black positivity." Grin Premier Tramway 2017 

★★★★" The Herald

"VOID assails you, unnerves you on many levels with Broomes unstintingly at the heart of the risk-taking VOID Tramway Debut 2016