A spectacle of sound and visuals, Grin masquerades and undermines hierarchies of power. Grin inverts the continued colonial narratives of black bodies and Caribbean dance styles being solely exotic and hyper-sexualised. Grin is a celebratory performance, inviting you into the carnival. 

"Grins all round, the very epitome of exuberance and black positivity." The Tempohouse Lorna Irvine

Collaborative Team

Direction and choreography
Mele Broomes

Kemono L.Riot
Divine Amy Tasinda
Mele Brooms

Music Composer: Patricia Panther
Costume Designer: Zephyr Liddell
Lighting Designer: Alberto Santos Bellido


Developed and Supported with Tramway, Dance Base, Dance House Glasgow, The Work Room and 'AMPS' (Jerwood Charitable Foundation / Nick Anderson), Project X and Creative Scotland