sonic seance

Thursday 16 May and Saturday 18 May, 9pm 

Take Me Somewhere Festival 2019

A spiritual collective energy materialised through sound and music, dance and voice.

This is an invitation to the seance. 

A vent of desperation, a call for empowerment from the ancestors. 

Looking at the past, present and future, subverting elements used to shape and manipulate us for the imperialist gaze, Sonic Séance is a passage through the minerals of our earth, ancient symbols, sexual leverage and colonial primitivist fantasies.

This is our language to describe our experiences; we stand together, we lose ourselves in musical rapture.

There’s a world of difference between truth and facts. Facts can obscure the truth” [Maya Angelou]

Recommended for ages 14+

Collaborative team:
Patricia Panther - composer, performer
Letitia Pleiades - music producer, performer 
Ashanti Harris - researcher, performer 
Mele Broomes - director, performer 
Sabrina Henry - styling/costume
Zephyr Liddell - production/stage manager
Claricia Parinussa - producer 
Alice Black - lighting design

V/DA is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative collective; crossing the lines between dance, theatre, music and events

Supported by The Work Room and Dance Base




Image by Eoin Carey