V/DA is a multi-disciplinary, collaborative company. Crossing the lines between dance, theatre and music. Presenting works/collaborations at Yorkshire Dance (Leeds) , Riley Theatre (Leeds), Dance Base (Edinburgh), Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, DanceLive/Citymoves (Aberdeen), The Lemon Tree (Aberdeen), Tramway (Glasgow), The Arches (Glasgow), OFTTA (Montreal). The Art School (Glasgow), Jupiter Art Land (Edinburgh), OH141 (Glasgow) 




Mele Broomes is an artist based in Glasgow. Broomes’ work experiments with the extremities of movement and voice whilst investigating  her current contemporary practice of African Diasporic dance. Mele has performed nationally and internationally.  Performing at GREC Festival (Barcelona), OFTTA (Montreal), danceGATHERING (Lagos), The Centre For The Less Good Ideas (Johannesburg) to name a few and has colborated with Mushroom Hour Half Hour (Johannesburg), MHz (Glasgow), Eva Yufra (Barcelona), Lindiwe Matshikiza (Johannesburg), Zephyr Liddell (Glasgow), Ashanti Harris (Glasgow), Jojo Abott (Ghana), Patricia Panther (Glasgow),  Sabrina Henry (UK), Story Board P (New York) amongst others. 

Mele is one of the lead artists for Project X, Scotland. Project X celebrates and champions dance within the African Caribbean Diaspora  in Scotland for adults and children. Through workshops, performances, artistic opportunities, discussions, screenings, symposiums and more. Project X platforms contemporary and traditional dance forms broadening perceptions and representation.  



Claricia Parinussa


Indonesian-Netherlands movement researcher, artist and producer based in Scotland; Associate Artist with Dance Base, Edinburgh and Project X Dance, Glasgow.

Driven by socio-political concerns around identity, representation and cultural hierarchies within the arts; Claricia facilitates practices through club culture for art forms and freestyle dances focussing on community building; including voguing and house dance. 

As a member of the international Iconic House of Revlon she advocates for and supports the development of underground ballroom culture in Scotland; aiming to foreground the LBGTQI community of colour through practices and educational events with collective Vogue Scotland.

Recent and current projects include the sky was pink performance series at Hidden Door Festival and Fringe Festival Heads Up 2018, Chronicles with Project X / National Theatre of Scotland, and There is Movement video collaboration with Corin Sworn, Glasgow International Art Festival.



Sabrina Henry


Sabrina researches Black diasporic culture and ritual traditions connecting these to the present day Black British experience, exploring the layers of history we manifest in our expressions of identity. Working on projects such as Hive City Legacy Roundhouse, London (UK), Cosmic Migration Southbank Centre, London (UK), Identity East London Dance & Shoreditch Town Hall, London (UK) Throwdown Roundhouse, London (UK)Africa Nouveau Nairobi (KY) A Study in Devotion MARKET, London (UK), Orlando Warrior Southbank Centre, London (UK), Rich Mix London (UK), But Where Are You From? Channel 4 Random Acts, Frequency Vogue Italia, Project X Oshun and The Gold Project X, Glasgow (UK)