V/DA are interested in multi-disciplinary collaborations and working with artists from a variety of backgrounds. Our works are influenced and inspired by social politics, crossing the lines between dance, theatre, visual arts and circus. Presented works and collaborations include; Yorkshire Dance, Riley Theatre, Dancebase, Brighton Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, Citymoves, The Lemon Tree, Tramway, The Arches, La Caldera amongst others. 

Artistic Director: Mele Broomes

Mele Broomes is an artist based in Glasgow. Broomes’  work experiments with the extremities of movement and voice whilst investigating  her current contemporary practice of the African Diaspora. Mele has performed nationally and internationally as well as choreographed work which has been presented across the UK.

Mele is lead artist for Project X, Scotland. Project X celebrates and champions dance within the African Diaspora  in Scotland. Through workshops, performances, artistic opportunities, discussions, screenings, a symposium and more, Project X platforms these contemporary and traditional dance forms whilst broadening perceptions and representation.  www.projectxplatform.co.uk

Mele’s most recent work, VOID is a collaboration between David Bernard (AV Designer) and Bex Anson (scenographer). VOID most recently was part of Dance International Glasgow (DiG) “VOID assails you, unnerves you on many levels with Forbes-Broomes unstintingly at the heart of the risk-taking ★★★★” The Herald